We Are the Moderate Majority

The majority of people in Israel are moderates. Men and women all across the country, in all sectors and of every opinion, open the newspaper and visit news sites every morning and recognize that if we continue along this path, we will not find peace. People see the divisions, the extremism, and the hatred, and they realize that they can no longer continue on in silence. They can see that behind the differences, we are one people—and ours is a shared future.

We understand that we cannot continue to shut our eyes and think that everything will work out in the end. We must work together—moderates from across the social and political spectrum—to bring about the change we need. It may sound cliché, but it’s true. All around us, we see the racism and extremism that is poisoning our society, leaving us divided and bickering; if we don’t get organized and join together, if we don’t take action, we will lose everything.

We are the moderate majority, and we are waking up.

Now, we have arrived at the time where we must act.

We are the people we have been waiting for.

Who donates to Darkenu?

Everyone who believes in a Jewish, democratic, peaceful, and egalitarian Israel – an Israel that is the home of the Jewish people – is invited to join us as a financial supporter.

Since the beginning of 2020, 10,475 people have already donated, 98% of them Israelis, the remaining 2% fervent supporters of Israel from across the world, with a median donation standing at 25NIS per month. Close to half of those donors choose to support us through automatic monthly contributions.

The movement can also be supported through an US-based non-profit organization called the PeaceWorks Foundation, whose values align with our own. PeaceWorks promotes educational instruction and conflict resolution in communities worldwide and invests in programming that strives to promote peace and condemn violence, with a particular emphasis on fostering greater cross-cultural understanding.

The foundation was founded by Daniel Lubetzky, a successful entrepreneur, enthusiastic Zionist philanthropist, and true Israel advocate. PeaceWorks is currently headed by Dr. Jeff Solomon, a devoted Zionist who managed the Andrea & Charles Bronfman Philanthropies and was pivotal in the creation of Birthright, and is co-chaired by Lois Perelson Gross, a well respected and experienced American lay leader, historically involved in Israel activities. The organization is also proud to count some of the foremost leaders of the Jewish-Zionist communities in the United States amongst its members. We are proud to work with them for a safe, democratic, and prosperous Israel.

Additionally, some large Israeli donors also believe and support the movement’s values and the DemocraTV venture, such as the entrepreneur Kobi Richter, businessman Aviad Meitar, David Simcha, and others.

Do you believe in Darkenu’s values? Do you want DemocraTV to reach every home in Israel? Is it important to you that our field teams knock on more doors all over the country and strengthen the crucial social movement? Join now for any amount, and together we will create an exemplary society in Israel!

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