Advocacy & Policy

Over recent years, Darkenu has emerged as a prominent grassroots movement, representing the voices of Israel’s moderate majority. In 2020, recognizing the need to further our impact, we initiated a Policy Department. This move was aimed at expanding our influence on policy-making and advocating Darkenu’s principles to key decision-makers at both national and local levels.

In its formative phase, the Policy Department concentrated on establishing essential infrastructure for its operations. This included cultivating a network of partnerships and collaborative relationships with elected officials and their staff, as well as engaging in research activities. These foundational steps were critical for effectively conveying Darkenu’s messages in our campaigns, leading to notable shifts in the rhetoric of several leading moderate political figures.

The department has actively participated in various committees and has made several appeals and requests to the State Attorney’s office. These have covered a range of important issues including democracy, national security, protest rights, incitement, violence, and corruption.

Additionally, the department has been involved in several significant legal challenges, notably appealing to the Supreme Court against the repeal of the probability clause in 2023. This reflects Darkenu’s ongoing commitment to shaping and influencing pivotal policy and legal matters in Israel.