Field & Activism

Darkenu’s Field and Activism Department is the dynamic hub of our organization, vital in translating concepts and projects into tangible, on-the-ground actions. This department is pivotal in energizing citizens to confront critical issues facing the nation and plays a key role in rallying Darkenu’s grassroots support base.

Tasked with training, organizing, and spearheading Darkenu’s varied field campaigns, this department has cultivated thousands of Israeli citizens, leading numerous campaigns ranging from Get Out The Vote (GOTV) initiatives to targeted issue-based campaigns. It has orchestrated diverse installations and developed leadership programs across campuses and neighborhoods nationwide.

At every significant political crossroads in Israel, the department has been actively involved. It has directed campaigns opposing the annexation of the West Bank, advocated for a reevaluation of Israel’s long-term policies towards the Palestinians, and promoted separation and political solutions. The department has been at the forefront in combatting government extremism and corruption, leading protests against judicial overhauls, and steadfastly defending Israeli democracy.

Working in synergy with Darkenu’s other branches, the department offers a comprehensive approach to activism, empowering participants to select their most effective means of engagement. With a strong focus on regions beyond Gush Dan, the department extends its reach to audiences typically marginalized in civic discourse, ensuring a broad and inclusive impact across Israel.