Darkenu in the Field

The Field and Activism Department is Darkenu’s executive arm in the field. The department is in charge of implementing ideas and projects, together with Darkenu activists on the ground, and mobilizing citizens to act on current burning issues in the country.

In 2020, we started a campaign to boost voter turnout. Over 4,250 volunteers participated, encouraging voting in their neighborhood, while another 120 people helped grow the campaign by making thousands of phone calls and organizing activities in the streets. 

In June, as the government began promoting unilateral annexation of the Jordan Valley, we did not keep quiet and launched a campaign against annexation, in which our activists met with Knesset members outside their homes weekly and expressed to them their concern about such a policy during the pandemic and resulting economic crisis. We also made the moderate majority’s voice heard in Rabin Square, Tel-Aviv, at the large rally against annexation we organized.

Darkenu also acted as a significant force in the protest against corruption from its very beginning. For over 20 weeks, we sent free buses full of demonstrators to Jerusalem’s main protest from dozens of cities around the country and under Darkenu’s field activists’ direction. Our protest displays resonated with many Israelis and drew much media attention. 

Some of what we’ve been doing for the past few months:

  • We held a “Meeting of the Detached Government” instead of the government meeting that did not occur for over five weeks. 
  • We lit 2,665 memorial candles in memory of Covid-19 victims near the Prime Minister’s residence, demanding a commission of inquiry investigating the government’s failures in dealing with the crisis. 
  • Dozens of our activists went to every corner of the country to strengthen small local demonstrations that had been threatened or had experienced violence. 

Our main activism WhatsApp group has 2,538 volunteers, citizens of all ages who are taking part and leading nationwide activities, whether it is digital demonstrations, activism in the field, volunteering in our various departments, or lending a helping hand at DemocraTV’s studio.

We strongly believe in a bottom-up approach and are committed to continuing to implement it as an integral part of our department’s strategy.