What does Darkenu do?The Darkenu movement is active across the country, in the field and online, listening to the voices of the moderate majority. We meet in private homes and on street corners, and we go door to door, city to city, and we offer these simple words to the millions of Israelis who feel left behind: You’re not alone. Our power is limitless, and once we understand this and get up off the couch, no one will be able to stop us. From week to week, more and more people are joining us, people who have decided to renounce despair and take action. What everybody needs to do is join. It’s that simple. ...Read more
Who founded Darkenu?Men and women across the nation, from every sector and of every opinion. We recognize that if we continue on this path, we won’t get anywhere. We are people who see the divisions, the extremism, and the hate, and we’re done standing on the sidelines in silence. We recognize that beyond the disagreements, we are all one people—and ours is a shared future. We understand that we cannot continue to shut our eyes and think that everything will work out in the end. We must work together—moderates from across the social and political spectrum—to bring about the change we need. It may sound cliché, but it’s true. All around us, we see the racism and extremism that is poisoning our society, leaving us divided and bickering; if we don’t get organized and join together, if we don’t take action, we will lose everything. ...Read more
Where does the money come from?From the beginning, Darkenu has received donations from a growing movement of Jewish and Israeli donors who, inspired by the goals we set, mobilized in order to help us expand the scope of our work. Thanks to these donors, we have been able to reach hundreds of thousands of Israelis, to expand to new corners of the country, and to amplify the voices of the moderate majority. The Darkenu movement does not get funding from foreign governments or political parties, and it funds all of its operations through contributions from individuals and family foundations. It is thanks to the kindness and generosity of Israelis who have chosen to take part in the building of our future that we are able to continue this work. The Darkenu movement is a movement for the people of Israel; it belongs to the people of Israel and it acts on behalf of every citizen of Israel. Donate today. ...Read more
How can I join?You can find our registration form here on our website. We operate throughout the country through our various regional offices, at both national and local levels. After registering, you will receive updates about upcoming programs and events, and you’ll be invited to take part. Join us. ...Read more