Nimrod Dweck

Born in 1981, Nimrod Dweck is an author, game designer, graduate of the Computer Game Development and Design program at Shenkar, marketing professional, and social activist. He holds a Master’s degree from Tel Aviv University in Philosophy and History of Sciences and Ideas, and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Relations from the Open University of Israel.

During the 2015 elections, he founded and managed the 2015 Victory Movement – V15, which mobilized 15,000 volunteers and knocked on hundreds of thousands of doors to increase voter turnout and bring about political change. After the 2015 elections, he co-founded the Darkenu Movement with colleagues, serving as its Vice President of Strategy. The movement led numerous campaigns, including organizing the 2017 Rabin Rally, coordinating dozens of protests, and collecting signatures from hundreds of thousands of Israelis in support of the principles of the Israeli moderate majority. In 2020, he and the Darkenu team established DemocratTV, an independent media channel based  on crowdfunding. Today, it is the largest crowdfunding effort in Israeli civil society.

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