Our brothers and sisters, the heroes of the Golani Brigade’s 13th battalion, were the first to confront the enemy. They suffered heavy losses, dozens of their comrades were killed or taken captive. If this were not enough, during the fighting, the enemy burned all their gear. We are trying to gather together all the equipment required by the courageous soldiers of the 13th battalion and asking you to help us shoulder this burden. They don’t need towels, shampoo or snacks. Our aim is to restore the battalion’s morale, and its team spirit and symbols.

A donor contacted us promising to double every shekel (dollar) we raise in this campaign, up to a maximum of NIS 100,000 (about $25,000).

Now is the time to enlist your friends to help our brave soldiers in the 13th battalion.

Every shekel (dollar) you donate will be doubled!

Let’s show them how much we care about them!!