Echoes from the Abyss: Stand United for the 220 Captured Souls

On October 7th, 203 Israeli citizens, aged from 8 months to 85 years, including those with special needs and many injured, were captured by Hamas.

Presently, they are being used as human shields and are not allowed contact with the Red Cross.

We are launching an exhibit showcasing personal belongings that reflect the turmoil experienced by the southern kibbutzim. Each artifact narrates a tale, acting as a mute witness to the lives affected by this calamity.

“Commemorating the 220: Echoes from the Abyss” seeks to highlight the human toll beyond the news stories. As this exhibit tours worldwide, it acts as a beacon for action and consciousness. Every displayed item symbolizes the aspirations, dreams, and recollections of those captured.

Join this worldwide initiative. Let these relics resonate with your emotions and serve as a reminder of the collective humanity that unites us.

We must always remember the 220 individuals hoping for their release.

Support our efforts to amplify diplomatic endeavors and global backing to rescue all those captured by Hamas.

Let’s demonstrate to the world the value of human existence.

Assist us in reuniting our citizens with their families.

Every donation counts.

Join Us