Who are we?

With more than 220,000 active supporters, Darkenu is the largest non-partisan civil society movement in Israel. We organize, amplify, and empower the moderate majority of Israelis to exert influence on government policy and on the public discourse, ensuring our nation acts in line with the wishes of citizens, the spirit of Zionism, the principles of democracy, and that it remains grounded on a foundation of mutual respect and responsibility.

We work to amplify the voices of moderates and push back against the rising tide of extremist voices poisoning the political and social discourse.
We aspire towards a state of Israel led by a government that believes in:

1. Israel as a national home for the Jewish people and a democratic state for all its citizens;
2. The necessity of a diplomatic agreement that will bring about a two-state solution and ensure Israel’s security;
3. Achieving social and economic justice, equal opportunities and civil solidarity; and
4. Eradicating racism and discrimination in all its forms.

As a grassroots movement, we work daily across Israel—door by door, town by town—setting up stalls in public centers, organizing house meetings, events, demonstrations, and protest vigils. We believe in the importance of an engaged civil society, which is why our activists are professionally trained on a range of topics, including digital media, activism, and current affairs.

We also host large events, such as “The Awakening Tour,” in which the public is invited to interact directly with political leaders in positive and inclusive ways, creating a productive environment for a discourse rooted in hope for our country. 

As part of our nationwide activities, there are smaller groups, or cells, within Darkenu that focus on specific values and issues. These include combating incitement, promoting support for a diplomatic agreement to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and furthering the rights of disabled Israelis, refugees, and LGBT citizens.

Our digital community, “Darkenu Connect,” is an online group whose members combat the violent and inciting discourse on the Internet through creative and moderate means. The aim is to allow for the moderate majority to find its voice on the Internet once more and provide meaningful ways for Israelis to take action.

We also have chapters of student activists on campus, “Darkenu Youth,” which operates across the country.