Vote for Those Who Unite Us!

Put Israel at the Center

Nothing can compare to Israel, and nothing can compare to the Israeli people. No matter our community, our politics, or our beliefs, Israeliness is something shared by all. But today, the glue that holds us together as a nation is crumbling. The Israeli sense of a common destiny and mutual responsibility, which enabled us to establish a state in this land, and which has allowed us to stand bravely against the challenges we face and bring about remarkable achievements – it’s fracturing. Too many politicians are gaining strength by peddling a politics of division, by pitting Israelis against one another, rather than by thinking about us and our future. They demand that we dictate who is “with us” and who is not. Our leadership has succumbed to the dictates of extremist elements and narrow interests. But our sense of Israeliness is strong, and we understand that there is more that unites us than that which divides. We have a common destiny here. In the coming elections, we, the moderate majority of Israelis, call upon whomever is tasked with forming a government to commit themselves to establishing a government for the people — a moderate, broad, and strong government. We demand a government that aspires to represent and to serve the broad Israeli consensus, and that will work to unite rather than to divide and exclude. Vote for those who unite us: put Israel at the center. That is our way. That is Darkenu! Click here to visit our campaign-specific Hebrew minisite.