Yair Asulin

Writer and thinker.

Born in Haifa, now lives in Rehovot.

Winner of the Sapir Prize for Best Books (2011), The Culture Minister’s Award (2011), and the Prime Minister’s Award for Hebrew Authors (2016). Among his books: “Travel,” “The Things Themselves,” “Munich:” If You Want, Call it Memory, “and” Hear My Voice: Old-New Psalms. “

He currently writes the column “End of the End” in Haaretz, and is a screenwriter and artistic consultant for various broadcasting organizations. He teaches writing and thought and broadcasts the weekly program “Culture and Thought” on the Israel Broadcasting Corporation. He is also a guest lecturer in the Jewish Studies Program and the Department of Comparative Literature at Yale University.

In the past he wrote a political-cultural column in the liberal journal. He served as the main artistic advisor at the Gesher Film Fund and as an artistic advisor for the Avichai Foundation and presented the corner of “Parshat Shavua” and “Current Events” in the “London and Kirschenbaum” program.