Hila Yerushalmi

Social Entrepreneur

Resident of Ramle, married with three children.

She holds a BA with honors in Hebrew Literature and Human Resources Management from Ben Gurion University.

Currently she manages a multi-cultural volunteer network in Ramla that works to create connections between Jews and Arabs. She is also a partner in a number of social projects, including “Microfye” – mentoring women with businesses from the periphery and “Memory in the living room” – to commemorate the memory of the Holocaust through forging connections between people from different communities and sectors.

Founder and owner of WordSoul, an initiative that provides writing and content for social organizations and politicians, she also has a blog “Making Life” on women’s site Selona.

In the past she served as a human resources officer in the IDF in field and headquarters positions and managed projects for young people at the Ramla Youth Center.