Dr. Moshe Hellinger

Teacher and educator, expert in Jewish political thought and in the study of Israeli society.

Born in Tel Aviv, resident of Petah Tikva, married with four children.

He studied at the yeshiva high school Rabbi Amiel (“Yishuv”), Yeshiva High School – Hebron Yeshiva in Jerusalem and Kollel – Mir Yeshiva. He holds a BA in Humanities and Social Sciences from the Open University and a BA in Political Science from Bar-Ilan University.

He is currently a lecturer in political science at Bar-Ilan University.

In the past he served as deputy head of the department. He served as the head of the Schwartz Institute for Ethics, Judaism and State at Beit Morasha in Jerusalem, as academic head of the “Israeli Hope” program and of the program of dialogue between different cultural groups and as director of the Democracy and Citizenship program at Bar-Ilan University.