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Become a partner in DemocraTV, with Lucy Aharish.

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DemocraTV is a collaborative and independent media network that aims to elevate the voices of the moderate majority in Israel. 

DemocraTV is a uniquely interactive program that courageously tackles the hard-hitting issues and stories that matter to Israeli citizens. By utilizing innovative tools, viewers themselves are the ones who decide the issues to address, the questions to ask, and the direction the program should take.

The channel, hosted and led by Lucy Aharish, is a collaborative, courageous, and independent communications network that seeks to shine a light into the deepest corners of Israeli society and strengthen Israeli democracy.

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This groundbreaking initiative from the Darkenu movement was built with television professionals and is financed by monthly partners and private Israeli donors.

At DemocraTV, communications is a two-way street; our programming is done entirely in partnership with our supporters.

We work tirelessly and transparently and take the issues that matter most to everyday Israelis and place them center stage.

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