The journey has been completed, the charter has been formulated, now it's your turn — sign the Charter for Israeli Discourse and together we can change the culture of public discourse in Israel!

Political discourse in Israel has deteriorated to an unprecedented low. Politics has become an arena of incitement and division. This summer we joined together, 24 civil organizations from every corner of Israeli society to bring about change.

Over the course of two months in the summer of 2018, tens of thousands of Israelis from all over the country and every segment of society participated in round table discussions and special events designed to collect and lay out principles for what we agree are necessary outlines for a respectful discourse worthy of our country. The voices of everyday Israelis were collected from the field and became the bedrock of the Charter for Israeli Discourse, which was presented at the start of the new year, 5779. Already, dozens of MKs have signed on to the Charter — scroll down to see who's committed to upholding the values of a clean and respectful public discourse.

Visit the Charter for Israeli Discourse website for a Hebrew list of MK endorsements, campaign updates, and more >>

Only by joining together will we be able to exert the type of broad public pressure needed to ensure that all our elected officials sign onto the principles of the charter and commit themselves to responsible and moderate leadership. Join us by signing the Charter for Israeli Discourse. Together, we can clean up the public discourse in Israel.

Join President Rivlin and 24 of the largest civil society organizations in Israel — read the Charter for Israeli Discourse, sign on, and call upon our leaders to do the same!