We have embarked on a new campaign — the Charter for Israeli Discourse!

The Charter for Israeli Discourse is intended to establish a new norm for how we operate as citizens within the public sphere. This is something that we need, now more than ever, and we are looking to develop a cooperative process that will enable all Israelis to participate in the development of a set of guidelines for acceptable discourse that will be promoted for use in the Knesset, on social media, in the media, and even at the Shabbat table.

This charter is not something that will become legislation; rather, we want it to become part of our social framework. In Israel, we have the right to speak our minds without fear, but it is important to understand the necessity of honest, respectful, and relevant rhetoric.

Following our initial announcement, the campaign has been positively received from across the political spectrum, and we want you — all of you — to join us in this effort.  

By registering on this page, you'll be able to participate in the creation of the charter. You'll be alerted to upcoming activities and meetings, and you'll be kept up to date on the campaign's progress.  
By standing together in the face of a growing culture of incitement, we can remind the public of its power to influence the shape of our political discourse, cultivate a culture of listening to the other, and restore the trust that has been eroding away between different segments of our society. We call upon all Israelis to join us in building something that we can be proud of; a public discourse where all feel welcome.