Continuing our march forward!

"The past year has been a year filled with activities and achievements for Darkenu. It was a year in which our movement grew and established itself as the largest civil society movement in Israel and as a political organization that strengthens and rallies the moderate Israeli majority.

This year, we saw our convictions reinforced — the majority of the Israeli public, from the right and from the left, are moderates, and they are craving a way to express their opinions and demonstrate the broad consensus that exists between us as Israelis. Because of the hard work of our activists and volunteers, and thanks to the critical support  and determination of our donors, tens of thousands joined us this year.
From the reactions we receive on a daily basis on the Israeli streets, I can confidently say that Israeli society is ripe for politics that unites the tribes. Israel desperately needs for coalitions to be built between parties, organizations, and movements; between groups who acknowledge their differences but are willing to promote the values of consensus, the main being Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people and an egalitarian democracy for all of its citizens.
This year we focused on finding partners and building broad coalitions that represent the varied nature of Israeli society, and we proved that within every group and tribe there are moderates willing to join together against extremism and division.
There will, of course be those who try to convince us that our mission is impossible, those who will say that there is no possible way for the various camps within Israeli to form partnerships based around social and political action, but I know that decency and mutual respect between us is possible.
I know that there are so many things that we agree on. The time of the moderate majority has arrived, and it’s up to us to raise our voices loud and bring our values back to center stage.
In 2019 there will be an election for the Knesset in Israel, and we are getting ready to conduct a large-scale campaign in order to show the moderate majority that they have the power to influence our country’s future in the voting booths. Our goal is to best position our society for the emergence of a diverse and moderate coalition that will govern in line with the values of the Israeli majority, instead of being beholden to extremist minorities. We are striving for a government that will faithfully represent Israeli society in all its diversity — and also in line with those values that are a consensus. As we continue to work to ensure that the voice of the moderate majority is heard, we will not stop until we emerge victorious in the battle for the image and soul of our beloved Israel."

Polly Bronstein, Executive Director