The year the moderate majority woke up!

"2017 has been quite a journey. It has seen Darkenu grow in size, influence and confidence, becoming the largest movement of moderates in Israel, and a social and political force to be reckoned with.

We started the year with our Awakening Tour, taking moderate political leaders from the left, right and center to packed town halls all around Israel, building both momentum and a shared identity, based on moderation and a conviction that we all have a role in shaping an Israel that lives up to the values of its founders. Over the summer, our activists took to the streets to challenge both the growing annexationist agenda and some of the more extremist politicians who are threatening Israel’s Jewish and democratic character. Then, in the last few months, all of this capacity and momentum was realized on the grandest of stages. We co-hosted the Rabin Memorial rally, bringing 85,000 Israeli moderates—more than double the number of attendees in the previous year—into Rabin Square to remember one of our greatest leaders, and to show our collective opposition to the sort of incitement and violence that led to his murder. Standing on that stage, seeing our theory of change in action, the square filled with Israelis of every stripe, it was clear to me that we will prevail. I am excited about what we have achieved this year, because of what it will allow us to achieve next year. I want to share mine and Darkenu’s Chairman Kobi Richter’s speeches from that night, which speak to Darkenu’s values and the opportunity we have—together, as Israelis—to transform this country, by uniting as moderates and overcoming our greatest challenges. Thank you for your support in this effort. As you read about our work this past year, I hope it inspires in you the same sense of optimism and determination that it does within us."

Polly Bronstein, Executive Director